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Emily Gavilsky, the principal owner of Renown Rentals, has been in the St. Louis wedding scene for the last 5 years.  She has styled weddings, non-profits galas and many special events.  

Renown Rentals was born as a result of uncovering a unique need in the event industry, boutique rental pieces. By incorporating unique and vintage pieces, couples can create a lasting impression on their guests through these design elements. Renown Rentals is able to acquire unique pieces with its vast network of buyers in the antique and vintage market. 

Emily and her team are able to source the pieces that will take an event to the next level with flawless design. Renown Rentals also specializes in creating custom pieces to meet theever-changing needs of our clientele by employing artisans who are able to craft the exact piece for any wedding or event.

Feel free to contact us by phone at 314-328-6040 or click here to send an email.  You can easily set up a time to meet our team and discuss your rental dreams! 









Chrissie HeadshotChrissie Messina, project manager & DIY design guru at Renown Rentals, has been creating custom artwork for over ten years. 

With experience ranging from wood-burning, painting, broken glass, and furniture restoration, Chrissie uses her creativity to capture the imagination of clients. 

Chrissie is able to bring the same creativity and passion to customers and guests who wish to make their events more than just unique, but a true reflection of their personalities, which shines through in her work!

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